Week 2 of Make Academy: Transform It

During the second week of camp we made more progress towards creating our 3D prints, by using the online program TinkerCAD. This costless program creates a simpler 3D CADing process by using pre-made building blocks, similar to the blocks the campers used to make their figures. To get acquainted with using TinkerCAD the campers were given a task of creating their times out of the rudimentary shapes.

IMG_9149 IMG_9064 IMG_9053

After, the campers used TinkerCAD to reconstruct and scale down the figures they made last week.

IMG_0404 IMG_9182 IMG_9175 IMG_0399 IMG_9088 IMG_9095

Later that afternoon, the campers continued the construction of their storage boxes. The addition to the lesson this week was to teach them how to use a jigsaw in order to but a bottom for their boxes. After they finished constructing the boxes, they had the option to make it unique by adding handles and compartments.

IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_9242 IMG_9236 IMG_9110 IMG_9102 IMG_0431 IMG_0422



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