Exciting New (APRIL FOOLS) Workshops at the Maker Space this Spring and Summer

We have had numerous ground breaking workshops in the Maker Space since we opened, from sewing machines to simple robots - crayon candles and gravity racers to blinking plastic orbs and aliens. The Maker Space staff is thrilled to present today 7 brand new workshops that will push the boundaries of AWESOME beyond belief!  These are MUST SEE TO BELIEVE WORKSHOPS!!!

Working off the incredibly popular Color Block Crayon Candle Workshop that she designed, Maker Space Resident Janelle is further investigating the possibilities of what you can make with crayons. She will guide our visitors through the colorful cuisine of crayons, melting and cooking a delectable mix of possibilities.

Crayon Cuisine with Janelle

Our next workshop is equally ambitious, as it required the innovation of a whole new extreme sport!  Take this class with me this Spring, and learn how to hack a pogo stick and a skateboard to develop and design a whole new sport, Pogo Boarding!

Pogo Boarding with Reid

This Spring we are also happy announce that our awesome group of Maker Space Explainers have even started developing their own workshops!  Benjamin, Jennifer, and Justin have been hard at work for months, and well, we are just so proud of, and excited for, the workshops they came up with.  We guarantee that you will be blown away in more ways then one.  

Soldering Iron Juggling with Benjamin

DIY Human Cannon Ball with Jennifer

Bionic Hands with Justin

David Wells, the Director of the Maker Space, has also been hard at work, tinkering and developing a top-secret project that he just demonstrated to a fortunate group of kids this past week.  This photo from the event, really just says it all.

Jury-Rig a Jet Pack with David

Lastly, but certainly not least, Maker Space Resident Pritesh has created what may be our most incredible and experimental workshop yet. When he told us his idea, we said it couldn’t be done, because, well… science! But he was not deterred, his passion, vision and perseverance paid off, because what he made is truly unbelievable!  

Under Water Flame Throwers with Pritesh

So there you have it folks, 7 of the most amazing workshops any Maker Space has ever developed. If you are interested in attending any of these please write to rbingham@nysci.org and we will send you the appropriate safety and medical waivers to get the process started. Hope to see you at some of these classes in the future!

PS-  We have had some questions as to wether or not this whole post is an April Fools joke and we take that as a compliment.  We must be doing really innovative workshops in order for people to think these just may be possible.

Stop by Makerspace this month for our exploration into the rubber band and all of its possibilities.  We will be making propeller powered vehicles, catapults and other creative ways to use the potential and kinetic energy that comes with Rubber Band Play! 


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