The Evolution of a Woodbot

Tool Shed Maker Camp-30

Ever wonder how a big ‘ol hunk of wood turns into a full-fledged woodbot? Let’s find out.

For behind-the-scenes prep, we started off with 1” x 1” square wooden dowels:


Marked off some dimensions…

Tool Shed Maker Camp-88

… and sawed the square dowels in half to create arms and legs.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-134

To allow the woodbot’s limbs to move flexibly, we sawed notches on the ends of the arms and legs. Then, the Tool Shed Make Academy campers drilled holes lengthwise through the arms and legs. A hole was also drilled through another 1” x 1” square dowel piece that served as the woodbot’s body.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-83

Campers connected the arms and legs to the body by stringing elastic cord through the drilled holes.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-66

With a few twists and ties, a few pieces of wood turned into happy woodbots.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-69

But the best part of the activity? Relaxing for a while after a hard day’s work!

Tool Shed Maker Camp-81

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