There’s no work quite like teamwork! During our Make Academy Innovation Weekend, Explainers and Maker Space staff worked with former Make Academy campers to further refine their projects just in time for Maker Faire. The big event is only one week away, and our project count is growing by the day. It’s all thanks to our innovative group of young Makers, who fearlessly bring their new ideas to life and create amazing works at the intersection of science, art, and technology.

For more snapshots from our Maker Faire Innovation Weekend, check out our Flickr page!


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The Maker Space is a learning environment where children, teens, adults and families can tinker, design, and create together.

In our workshops we use real tools to make real things and re-use everyday materials in exciting ways. From woodworking and plaster casting to electronics and 3D printing, we encourage experimentation, open-ended exploration, and believe that making mistakes is a great way to learn.

Our workshops are hands on and can get messy, so when you come to a class, don't wear your favorite shirt!

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