10 Smile Moments of the Week

What better way to get your creativity flowing than by having fun and cracking a smile? Throughout the Make Academies, there were plenty of grins and jokes to go around – and here are some priceless smile moments from the past week.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-62

10. An impromptu game of freeze tag broke out during a lunchtime field trip to the museum’s Science Playground.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-25

9. Ahh, the smile of success! This camper poses with a finished and fully painted woodbot, ready to be displayed at the end-of-camp party.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-47

8. Taking a quick break from wood-working to wave at the camera.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-8

7. Equipped with his colorful acoustic speakers, this camper is ready to put the finishing touches on his creation before showcasing to friends and family!

Tool Shed Maker Camp-64

6. Just hanging around…

Tool Shed Maker Camp-89

5. As this camper illustrates, there’s nothing more satisfying than putting the first coat of paint on a newly constructed project.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-68

4. Explainer Intern Ashley proudly displays her new Sharpie hand art.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-52

3. After much hammering and drilling, this camper is finally done with his sword prototype!

Tool Shed Maker Camp-12

2. After one generous coat of shiny silver paint, this young Maker’s prototype is camera-ready.

Tool Shed Maker Camp-1

1. How could there not be a smile hiding under such an awesome mustache?

For more Make Academy smile moments, check out our Flickr page!


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