Project Spotlight: Making Fabric Out of…What?


Once upon a time, the world was abundant with magical rectangular boxes that, when popped into an even bigger rectangular box, would make movies appear on the screen. This technology fairy tale had a good run for over three decades, but now VHS tapes are akin to old silverware that everyone keeps but never uses. They sit in the dusty confines of our bookcases and back closets, gathering age and dirt and never seeing the light of day… Cassette Tape Prototyping-8 …until now. Maker Space Resident Sharon cracked open several old VHS cassettes and weaved the magnetic tape into a fabric-like pattern. Cassette Tape Prototyping-8 The simple pattern starts off humbly with a few strands, but eventually grows into something like this: Cassette Tape Prototyping-7 One side of the finished “fabric” is covered in clear tape to lock the magnetic tape in place. Cassette Tape Prototyping-4 Once the edges are snipped off, the finished product looks like this: Cassette Tape Prototyping-2 Multiple patches of the fabric can be made and taped together to create VHS tape sweaters, skirts, and even. Check back for pictures of these clothing prototypes in the coming weeks. And for now, admire these glorious strands of decades past: Cassette Tape Prototyping-10


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