8 Quirkiest Maker Space Moments of the Week


8. You know that Maker Space is hosting a party when the music is blasting out of something that looks like this. For the End-of-Summer Maker Corps Celebration, we showcased our prototype acoustic speakers, made entirely of wood and temporarily held together by plastic clamps.


7. Our Maker Bot 3D printer is one of our favorite tools to use in the office. And here is Explainer Megan posing with one of the most recent pieces to come out of the printer: a small-scale figure of David Wells’ head. Aptly enough, he is the head of Creative Learning and Making here at NY Sci. (Pun intended!)


6. Halfway into peeling the first crayon in preparation for our Melted Crayon Art workshop, we realized there had to be a better way. As Explainer Justin illustrates, all it takes is a box cutter and some careful positioning. Just make a shallow angled cut straight down the crayon, and watch the wrapper slip off with ease. No more brightly-colored wax stuck beneath your fingernails!


5. How many Makers does it take to pretend-eat a plastic horse? Taken at our Stop-Motion Animation Creation workshop.


4. This cute prankster shows us how to perform the perfect photobomb, Maker Space-style.


3. Listening to all that music through our wooden acoustic speakers inspired us to do this after the End-of-Summer Celebration. We made an airworm! You read that right - a giant plastic tube huge enough to fill the entire Design Zone exhibit floor from corner to corner.


2. At the end of a long day, just do what Maker Corps member Janet does and chill out with a pair of plastic legs. You know, no big deal.


1. Looks like Maker Space Coordinator Reid sums it up in just one word.

Want a glimpse into the inner workings of Maker Space? Journey over to our Flickr page, updated regularly throughout the week. And don’t forget to check Tumblr every Friday for the latest Maker Space Moments of the Week!


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