Workshop Spotlight: Laser Cut Creations

Laser Cutter

That’s not just any blue and white metal box. It’s one of the newest tools to strut its way into the Maker Space - a brand new laser cutter, capable of etching its way into wood, plastic, metal, and plenty more.

Laser Cutter

To celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited contraption, we hosted several Laser Cut Creations Workshops as part of our summer programming.

Summer Sampler

Participants draw designs on index cards, then scan their drawings into a computer using special software. The designs are then sent electronically to the laser cutter.

Summer Sampler

Makers can watch their 2D index card doodles come to life in the 3D world, as the fiery laser etches each line and curve into a sheet of wood before their very eyes.

Summer Sampler

The results look something like this:

Summer Sampler

Not to mention, the laser cut wood fills the Maker Space with that toasty campfire smell that’ll bring back memories from back in the day…

Summer Sampler

Of course, every new workshop comes with its challenges. Sometimes, for example, our laser cutter has just a little bit too much personality:

Laser Cutter

As our summer programming comes to an end, we’re planning to iron out the kinks in the Laser Cut Creations Workshop in the interim. We look forward to presenting a seamless version of the activity in the fall!

To check out more photos from recent Laser Cut Creations Workshops, head on over to our Flickr page!

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