Learning Labs Update!

We are excited to say that we have our Learning Labs teen advisory board in tact! We hand picked ten applicants to come and explore the world of digital making @ the NYSCI Maker Space. 

Compiling the teen advisory board was a bit of a challenge, we wanted to keep an open framework while still setting guidelines for how we were to choose the group.  We reviewed each application searching for teens with experience in digital making, i.e. working with videos, animation or programming.

In the application we asked about their experience with digital tools and projects, what they had made in school or on their own. We concluded by asking them to express what they would like to learn in the ways of digital making, if given the opportunity.  The response we received to this question was an integral aspect in our final decision.  We felt it was equally important for us to get a sense of what the applicant was driven to do.

We have our first of ten scheduled hangouts on December 1st and are eager to see how this whole process unfolds.  When scheduling these hangouts we found it difficult to make it work for all the teens every time.  We decided to set a schedule of regular hangouts every other Saturday and on the alternating Fridays we’ll have a “make up” day.  The teens can come to see the projects and software we messed around with the previous Saturday or to continue the work they started.

The first day will begin with an overview and introduction to the program, but given our limited time together we plan on hitting the ground running.  We lined up a series of activities that emphasize the importance of collaboration and teamwork, and at the same time encourage each teen to reflect on the individual strengths that make up the whole.

We’ll see how it goes on December 1st!!

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