Cognizant’s 'Making the Future' program has been exponentially growing since its inception through after school programs and summer camps that inspire young people to use STEM learning and project based activities to unleash their creativity.  As a result of our partnership with Cognizant we had the pleasure of hosting a Making the Future week long camp in the Maker Space this past August.  

An awesome week of digital design and personal fabrication occurred during the Cognizant Making the Future camp.  We used all kinds of digital programs such as Inkscape and Tinkercad to create our work and then used 3D Printers and a vinyl cutter to bring them to life.  Facilitated by Jon Santiago of htink and NYSCI Education Services staff, the program also offered soldering and designing digital video games on Scratch.

To see more pics of the Making the Future camp visit our flickr page. 


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