Week 2 of Make Academy: Transform It

During the second week of camp we made more progress towards creating our 3D prints, by using the online program TinkerCAD. This costless program creates a simpler 3D CADing process by using pre-made building blocks, similar to the blocks the campers used to make their figures. To get acquainted with using TinkerCAD the campers were given a task of creating their times out of the rudimentary shapes.

IMG_9149 IMG_9064 IMG_9053

After, the campers used TinkerCAD to reconstruct and scale down the figures they made last week.

IMG_0404 IMG_9182 IMG_9175 IMG_0399 IMG_9088 IMG_9095

Later that afternoon, the campers continued the construction of their storage boxes. The addition to the lesson this week was to teach them how to use a jigsaw in order to but a bottom for their boxes. After they finished constructing the boxes, they had the option to make it unique by adding handles and compartments.

IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_9242 IMG_9236 IMG_9110 IMG_9102 IMG_0431 IMG_0422


Week 1 of Make Academy: Transform It

This week kicked off the official start of Make Academy! The focal point of the first workshop was take an in depth look at the world of 3D design, specifically how we can take a 2D object and turn it 3D. The preliminary exercises involved building a cube in two fashions. The first way was using 6 separate pieces of cardboard and assembling them into a cube. The next exercise was first, cutting the outline of a cube on paper, and then we moved on to more complex shapes such as hexagonal prisms and pentagonal pyramids.

IMG_8890 IMG_8888 IMG_8881 IMG_0124 IMG_0123 IMG_0134

Next, the campers kickstarted the long process of creating their 3D molds. The first exercise was to create their future 3D model using wooden blocks. The campers then glued their pieces together to finalize their models.

IMG_8896 IMG_8899 IMG_0192 IMG_0194 IMG_0154 IMG_8802 IMG_0191

In the afternoon, the campers began to familiarize themselves with the task of woodworking. To start, they used a piece of scrap wood and made any number of cuts they wanted. Then, they had to create a design from their cuts of wood.

IMG_8905 IMG_8872 IMG_8828 IMG_8874

To end the first week, the campers began to plan on how they could build a box to store their projects they make during camp. This encompassed both wood working skills, as well as, critical thinking skills when determining how big they could make their boxes as to allow them to fit in the cabinet.

IMG_8908 IMG_8910 IMG_8826


Check out Alessandro and his snazzy laser etched plaque he got for being one of the winners of the Make It At Home Challenge.  Way to go Alessandro!

Check out Alessandro and his snazzy laser etched plaque he got for being one of the winners of the Make It At Home Challenge.  Way to go Alessandro!


imageThis is the first time I ever herd of a wood hinge and I wanted to see if it really worked. I laser cut a bird house that incorporated a wood hinge and added some arabic calligraphy and behold the final result. 

- Hassan

We have winners for the Make It At Home Challenge!

Congratulations Alessandro, Kandance, and Logan for your awesome entries and projects!

Alessandro’s plastic spoon enclosure takes away our Most Outlandish prize while Kandance’s paper and cardboard lantern gets our Most Resourceful prize, and Logan’s Lego enclosure rounds out the challenge with the Most Professional prize.  

Congrats to our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted a project!!!

Stop by the Maker Space in August to take part in our newest challenge: The One Block Challenge!

- Reid

We just updated our weekend workshops through August and we are super excited about what we have in store for you: The One Block Challenge!  

We are doing woodworking again but in a way we have never tried before, challenging you to see what you can create with just ONE small block of wood and some simple hand tools.  

Some else we are doing differently: Saturdays and Sundays will be different workshops focusing on different tools!  Saturdays will focus on sawing and glueing, while Sundays will be about carving with rasps and files.  

All the projects in the photos above were made with a single 3in block of wood!  Check out the One Block Challenge page more ideas and our Weekend Programs page for workshop dates and times.

Follow-up from this post:

The ring was printed and is ready for all my punchy needs! 

- Megan

I’ve been trying to build some Wordpress skills so I created a simple blog documenting what we have been doing at the Maker Space in order to prepare for our first week of camp. 


Check it out if you’ve got some time!

- Matt


Hi, I’m Hassan and I have been working at NYSCI as an explainer for two years. The Maker Space has excited me and I try to be in it as much as possible. I am excited to be part of the Maker Corps program because I get to work in the Maker Space all summer. 

My biggest accomplishment, I feel, is both my choice to be homeschooled and to work at The New York Hall of Science. These decisions gave me the time to explore my interests, which turn out to be making. I transformed my run down garage into a workshop where I have various tools from a hammer to a furnace and do projects ranging from woodworking to blacksmithing. Some of my outdoor hobbies include archery, canoeing, camping and much more!

There are a lot of things that I wish to learn this summer, such as 3D design, soldering, and sewing. By the end of this program it is my hope to become a better maker and to work in the Maker Space as a resident.

We have another entry to the Make It At Home Challenge!  This one comes from Logan who build his out of Legos!  We love how he created a pattern of alternating clear and opaque bricks.  Bet this makes some cool shadows.  Great work Logan!


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